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Downloadable Solution Manual for Interactive Statistics 3rd Edition Aliaga

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: How To Make A Decision With Statistics
Chapter 2: Producing Data
Chapter 3: Observation Studies And Experiments
Chapter 4 Summarizing Data Graphically
Chapter 5 Summarizing Data Numerically
Chapter 6 Using Models To Make Decisions
Chapter 7: How To Measure Uncertainty With Probability
Chapter 8: Sampling Distributions: Measuring The Accuracy Of Sample Results
Chapter 9: Making Decisions About A Population Proportion With Confidence
Chapter 10: Making Decisions About A Population Mean With Confidence
Chapter 11: Comparing Two Treatments
Chapter 12: Comparing Many Treatments
Chapter 13: Relationships Between Quantitative Variables
Chapter 14: Analysis Of Count Data
Chapter 15: What If The Assumptions Don’T Hold?


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